Children did Bhangra in front of dogs then see what happened, VIDEO viral

National Desk: Children are true to mind, there is no fault in this. They do what comes in the hearts of children and they feel that what they are doing, others are also enjoying it. One such video is becoming viral on social media, in which the child feels that the dogs are also enjoying what they are doing. Actually a child is standing on the road and putting Bhangra and inside a house near the gate two dogs are barking to see him doing this, but the child is cool in his own tune. This video is being liked a lot.

IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra shared the video on his Twitter, with which he wrote the caption, ‘We should learn from this child the art of standing at the door of trouble and having fun with Befikri. Many children and older are scared even though the door is there but he is enjoying it. Where is this video not known about it. In the viral video, it is seen that two children are said to be riding a bicycle, when they are seen two small dogs inside a house. Then what happened was that seeing the dog, a child gets off the bicycle and starts putting Bhangra in front of the dogs standing near the gate.

The dogs do not understand what the child is doing, but as the boy is dancing, the dogs also bounce loudly. If the child stops then the dogs would also stop. If the child started dancing then the dog would also start. People are very fond of the video and are praising the child that he also danced the dogs along with him.

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