Pakistan to use elected Kashmiri-origin MPs to rake up issues in UK Parliament

Atleast 1-5 British nationals of Kashmiri and Pakistani source are chosen into the UK Parliament. The collection of MPs that is fresh has been regarded to improve its story on the stage on Kashmir.The MPs have stated that They’d increase the voice of their countless in Kashmir and Jammu in and out United Kingdom’s Parliament.MP Afzal Khan explained he, in addition to other MPs increases the Kashmir issue hinting he would encourage the origin of the Kashmiri people as well as this dispute according to the UN Security Council’s settlement.”I promise the people of Kashmir which we’ll encourage their origin in line with the resolutions of UN Security Council. We’ll last to raise our voice to the Kashmiris,” explained MP Afzal Khan.”India could need to offer a huge number of Kashmiris their inalienable into selfdetermination,” explained MP Yasmin Qureshi.MP Imran Hussain of Labour Party reported the MPs will likely probably use their offices of which he predicts atrocities that people of Kashmir face as a result of government, to disperse the knowledge.”We’ll work with our offices to frighten the universe of its own obligation to repay the Kashmir dispute in line with the ambitions of its own people. We won’t rest before understanding of the goal”, ” he said.The election of Pakistani and Kashmiri-origin Britons is fantastic news for Pakistan because the UK Parliament would soon be using to disperse its own Kashmir driven story to look for care.

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