The only village in the world where only women rule, men have no entry

New Delhi: In today’s time we hear people talking that there is rule of men everywhere in the world, but there is a village in the world where women are definitely much safer than other women and one She is leading a respectable life. No male is allowed in this village. Yes, this is true here. So let us tell you about this village and its women today.

Prohibition of men coming to the village 

The Swahili language is used by the people there. Umoja in his language means unity. All the women in this village live together and live together. In this village, they have built barbed fences all around the village. So that they can be safe in every way. The establishment of this village was started in 1990 by about 15 women, keeping in mind the safety. Here women were found to be living, who were raped and sexually abused by British soldiers. But today many more destitute women have found a place to live in this village. Also, they are given a means of livelihood to sustain their lives. 

Victimized women get a place in the village

All the women who live in this village were victims of some violence. In such a situation, women who are troubled by the miseries of rape and domestic violence and child marriage, find themselves safe by coming to this village. Please tell here that the people of Samubaru believe in obeying patriarchy. Also, the men here also do more than one marriage. Unhappy with all this, the women take refuge in Umoja village. Women live with their children in this village. The women here work for themselves and for the expenses of children. At the same time, for the better future of her children, she also emphasizes on her studies. 

nari, PunjabKesari

Earns livelihood in this way

The women and children of this village prepare goods with their hands and go to market. In this way, she is able to meet her daily needs. Also, when their boys are 18 years old, they have to leave the village. Along with this, travelers who come to visit the village. These women also meet their expenses from the fees received from them. Along with this, the elderly women of the village make the young women and girls aware of their safety. The women here also go for a walk outside instead of staying in the village. She goes to her children’s school, market etc. One of the main objectives of his stay in this village is to live with respect in view of his self-esteem.

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